TERMS: life drawing, tone, values, portrait, self-portrait, ink wash, composition, figure-ground relationship
  1. Portrait - life drawing - charcoal on drawing paper
    • Values (focused attention to each square!)
    • accurate proportions
  2. Still Life - eraser drawing - compressed charcoal on drawing paper
    • Values (all 5 aspects of light)
    • accurate proportions, elipse
  3. Flowers - brush and ink on newsprint (turn in 1)
    • Note: this assignment was done on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Those absent will not be docked but those who were present will receive a 5 point boost on their lowest semester grad.
  4. Portrait - ink wash on newsprint (turn in 1)
    • freshness of line and wash
    • good value range
  5. Homework: Self Portrait from a mirror - charcoal or pencil on drawing paper
    • evidence of 3 hours focused work
    • convincing
    • focus (this is an extremely important ingredient which is difficult to explain - but can be seen when viewing a work. Bottom line: do you best, give yourself time and several sittings (3 hours minimum)