TERMS: gesture, contour, cross-contour, line quality, line weight, pulled line, physical edge, implied edge, invisible edge, scale, composition

Note: If you do not want me to mark up your drawings, please cover them with tracing paper - cut to exact size and taped only at top.

  1. Gesture drawing - 1 page: Vine Charcoal on Newsprint paper.
    • see the first reading for description of criteria I will be looking for...
    • quick, loose line
    • not outlining but exploring the movement or pose of the figure.
  2. Foot contour homework: Pencil on Bristol.
    • multi tonal lines
    • pulled lines
    • strong composition
  3. Cross-contour Vegetables: Pencil on Bristol.
    • multi-tonal line
    • pulled line
    • accurate cross contour - especially around edges
    • strong composition
  4. Ribbon: Pencil on Bristol
    • accurate representation of ribbon in context of invisible lines
    • pulled lines
    • multi-tonal lines
    • strong composition
  5. Hand cross-contour homework. Pencil on Bristol.
    • beatiful cross-contour line
    • strong composition
    • "pulled" and multi-tonal lines
  6. Belt: Pencil on drawing paper
    • line weight
    • accuracy in visualizing invisible edges
  7. Hat : Pencil on Bristol. 
    • line weight
    • pulled lines
    • accurate lines, close together, following curves around edges
  8. Pastel pot. Pastel on drawing paper. Cover with tracing paper - cut to size and taped only at top.
    • interesting composition
    • rich surface color, light and dark areas
    • accurate ellipses