(Due with Portfolio 3)

See the list of local museums below. Click on each link to see what is showing and to check hours and prices (each museum has one free day a month). Choose one and plan a visit.

  • Bring only your Bristol pad and a one pencil.
  • Spend 1-2 hours wandering through the museum looking at art.
  • Choose one work, sit in front of it and spend 30 minutes drawing a copy. If copying a painting or photograph, start by drawing a frame in the correct proportions. Draw the entire piece.
  • Include the following information neatly printed on back.
    • Name of museum and date visited
    • Name of artist
    • Title of work
    • Medium and size of work
    • Why you chose this piece
Criteria for grading:
  • Choice of museum (should be from list provided or discussed with me)
  • Quality of drawing, including proportions
  • All information provided should be complete

MUSEUMS/South Bay:
MUSEUMS/San Francisco:

For free tickets to San Jose Museum of Art, UC Berkeley Art Museum and The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, CLICK HERE and look on the left column under Museum Tickets. You will need an SJSU Library Card.